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Friday, December 16, 2016

Blitz and Giveaway: The Countess Refuses by Katy Walters

The Countess Refuses 
by Katy Walters 
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance


With the deaths of both her parents, Miss Cassandra  Whitney is left to care  for her sisters and young brother.  Now, unless her younger  sister Isabella,  gives in to the odious attentions  of their landlord, Baron Nash Scudder of Urswick the family face eviction. She is both shocked and relieved to receive news of an inheritance from her estranged great grandfather the illustrious Earl of  Elsborough.  Her solicitor explains  her  grandpapa changed the entailment of his will to  include the female line as he was  loathe to allow the title to pass to a distant relative, a wastrel who had already frittered away a fortune. To Cassie’s relief and delight, not only does she inherit a title, but a substantial estate on the outskirts of Bath, which includes  a ruin of a castle, farms and three villages albeit derelict.
News of the  inheritance travelled fast throughout the south of England drawing in the avaricious designs of the ton. A certain dowager duchess sees  the castle as a perfect ploy to raise her son’s and therefore her own status in the top ten.  Such is her greed that she will stop at nothing to gain control of the castle. Her son, Maximillian, the illustrious sixth Duke of Taunton with a penchant for well-endowed  mistresses  has other plans. Can Cassie fight off these two predators, can she save the castle and her family?

USA Today Best-Selling author, Katy Walters's e.books and paperbacks are read in their thousands, and her pages equally so, in Kindle Unlimited. Katy lives in the midst of Regency towns on the South Coast of England. Being of Welsh and Irish parentage, her novels tend towards Celtic themes. Her main interests are historical and regency romance with an underlying theme of time travel. She is equally drawn to the paranormal myths of the Dark Ages, the pre-medieval era, where the ancient Britons were known as the People of the Trees. It was an era of travelling knights and their ladies, of ancient shamans and shapeshifting wolves and dragons. 

Katy’s enjoyed an eclectic career, delighting in every one of her occupations. Although her childhood dream was to be a writer, Katy endured some dark times in her young life that made it impossible for her to reach her goals. On leaving school, the office beckoned and became her prison, one she managed to escape taking up operatic singing. Katy was spotted in London by an agent who managed Tommy Steel and Cliff Richards to name a few. Becoming the lead singer in a girl trio, she toured England and abroad, meeting with some famous names of the day in the music world. On marrying the love of her life, she chose to raise a family, enjoying every moment with her spouse and children. Later on returning to university, Katy went on to enjoy a long and rich career as a research psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. 

Katy then took up painting and was thrilled with this new world. Her husband and family encouraged her all the way. Pop Art was her main love and to her delight, her paintings were used as the theme for a new restaurant built on Miami Beach. But then her first love, writing, beckoned, and she was in a position to write to her heart’s content. It was a dream come true when Amazon opened up the doors to publishing.
Even now Katy has times where she has to fight to banish those early memories in her life, memories she said, are like scars, they fade, but never go away. But in those times, she boots up the PC and turns to the next chapter in her life, embracing each new interest as a support that becomes a delight.

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