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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Review of Abbi (Angel #1.5) by Tracy Lorraine

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I did not and will not accept monetary compensation in exchange for reviews. These thoughts are honest and are my own.

It was lust at first sight when Abbi laid eyes on inches of perfect inked up skin last summer. She had a weakness for bad boys who were great at breaking her bed but even better at breaking her heart. She was trying to break the cycle and date the nice guys but they left something to be desired. 
Abbi has spent her whole adult life dealing with the aftermath of an event that happened to her as a teenager. Will her inner demons be enough to put an end to her new relationship before it has really started?
She never could’ve imagined that this stranger’s bad boy appearances were just that and what was on the inside was the romantic and passionate man she had been looking for. 

Jax wants nothing more than to settle down with a woman he loves. He has grown up watching his parents fall more and more in love everyday and all he wants is the same for himself. Unfortunately his looks have meant that he attracts the wrong type of women who don’t take his commitment seriously. 
He unexpectedly meets a blonde bombshell at his friend’s house that instantly takes his breath away, could she be the one he has been waiting for and could she help him banish the ghosts of his past?

My Review:
4.5 Stars 

I am so happy that we get to see Abbi and Jax's story! Especially since it alternates between when they first met and how they are dealing with life in the present. 

Abbi certainly surprised me! When first introduced to her she seemed like she had a tiny wild side, but was mostly a composed and focused young woman. While she may be composed, her wild side is anything but tiny. I think the chemistry between her and Jax rivals what Molly and Ryan have!

While they may have a long road ahead of them, Jax and Abbi need each other more than they realize. The demons that each of them carry from the past threaten to take their hold over each. Working through everything together is the only way they will find some semblance of peace, but they have to deal with that diabolical mother as well! I mean Ryan and Abbi's mother is really something. 

A perfect story to let us in on the beginning and to let us see where things are headed between these two crazy kids. 

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