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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gilmore Girls Revival: My opinions and thoughts...spoilers within

Just once more I want to state that there will be spoilers within this post. I wouldn't suggest reading it until you have watched all four episodes of the revival.

I was extremely excited for this revival, but did have my reservations. Getting excitement up just seemed like getting myself ready for the rug to be pulled out underneath me. In some ways I was right.

The first part of the opening scene was almost like the opening of Fuller House. I almost expect a recorded audience laughing clip when Rory states that she "hasn't done that in awhile", while Loralie responds with "feels good right?".

I brushed that off and settled in for what I was hoping would be a homecoming feeling. While that feeling was present, it was a smaller and watered down version of itself.

I feel really bad about my next admission, but was anyone else severely scared by Ms. Patti? She just looked like a ghost of her former self the two times that she was seen in the revival. Once when waving from the dance studio in the beginning and then when the auditions were happening later on. 

She seemed to have abdicated her place by Taylor at the town meetings that were held throughout the revival. These meetings were also very different from the meetings in episodes past. A lot less tension and banter, more agreeableness and half attempted points that tried to get them up to par. 

It was great to see that Mrs. Kim has not lost her luster. She is still a force to be reckoned with and is the Mom of Lane that we all grew to love/hate. I must say though, I pictured Mr. Kim a lot sturdier than he appeared. With the force he married, I feel that everything we believe about the Kim household is a lie. Can you see Mrs. Kim being all yes sir to the man pictured above? Seriously I thought Mr. Kim was in the military this entire time lol

Lane and Zach seem to be handling marriage and child raising well. Their twins were quite and well behaved when onscreen. Poor Zach is still worried about his street cred. Stating multiple times that he wasn't him yet while dressed for his day job. 

Lane seems to still be the quite cool girl she was from the previous series. While a sounding board for Rory, not really as prominent in her life as before. It showed with how little interaction there was between the two throughout the six hours we were given. 

Emily has the hardest time of all the members of our beloved Gilmores. Having lost her husband and partner of 50 years she is struggling with how to live. The changes that ensue are very not Emily like, but do portray the changes someone goes through after losing the love of their life.

I honestly think that while it took some getting used to, Emily's character was the one that stayed most true to who she was in the older episodes. While not screaming at the maid and embracing her instead, it gave Emily someone to take care of now that Richard was gone.

Cue the line of Rory's lovers. I thought she had learned from her mistake of going after Dean when he was married, but apparently not. Knowing that Logan is engaged does nothing to stop Rory from carrying on an affair, but its ok because she lives in another country!? I just don't understand the mindset of this.

After seeing this I was kind of disgusted with Rory. Logan proposed to her. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but she said no. Her thinking she still has any kind of claim over his is ridiculous, but still carries on right through episode three.

Dean was a flash in the last episode. Kind of a pop in to see where he is and how he is doing, but nothing more. There is no wondering what could have been and minimal references to first love.

Jess I could see returning more if this were to continue. He has always been an absent constant in Rory's life. He has been the constant pusher, the real life advice and her honest mindset that is needed now more than ever. With Rory acting like a selfish child most of the time, his advice and push finally sets her onto the right path.

Mom and daughter back again is what we have all wanted for months now. Does anyone else feel the forced relationship here? Even through the trailers that were released it felt forced to me, like the chemistry that was once there no longer existed. 

I think where I felt the shift most was in the love of the all mighty coffee. Rory seems to be slowly turning into an alcoholic from this reboot. Once always toting a coffee cup, now pulling whisky from drawers and having cocktails left and right. 

Onto one of the elephants in the room, THAT FUCKING ENDING!!!! Sorry for the curse word and the caps, but it had to be done.

First off the wedding. We have waited how many years for Luke and Loralie to finally be married? I completely get that they wanted to just do it and then have the ceremony the next day, but that's all we get? I was so very disappointed that that's how they gifted us our joyous day. Especially with all the thought and prep that went into the wedding that never happened!

Next Rory being pregnant. According to some articles that is how it was always supposed to end. Um that's great, but what now? Who is the father? Is it Logan or is it one night Wookie guy? Like seriously you come back to answer questions and then leave us with about a thousand more.

The only other item that extremely annoyed me was Sookie. When they finally came and told us she was back it seemed like for more than the maybe ten minutes of screen time that actually transpired. Literally at the end of the fourth episode. I feel like I got shafted, like with the amount of screen time the Joker had in Suicide Squad. I feel betrayed and ripped off with this part of the revival.

There is so much more that I want to go on about. I think its because I really wanted what is pictured above. I wanted my beloved Gilmore Girls back, I just didn't think about the form in which it would return. While I was happy to be in Stars Hollow for the six gifted hours, I think it could have been done a lot better. 

I will say that there are two items that made me smile profusely. One being the Bunheads cast that was scattered throughout the revival and two being that one Braverman made it in as well. These are my thoughts and opinions. I am sorry if anyone has been offended, but well again my thoughts and opinions. 

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