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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review of The Alloy Heart by Bo and Quinn Loftis

In Victorian London, a mysterious organization known as the Mechanic’s Guild has discovered the secret to create extraordinary engines of war, granting the British Empire unprecedented power. The Guild’s enigmatic founder, Archimedes Tesla, uses this power to become one of the greatest men in the city, creating a kingdom filled with leather, lace, copper, and steel. 
Meanwhile, two young women are found murdered, each with mechanical hearts implanted in their chests where their natural organs should be. Inspector Thomas Hill, a member of London’s aristocracy, is tasked with finding the killer. Thomas enlists the aid of his childhood friend and now the youngest surgeon in London, Dr. Jackson Elliot, to help him unravel the mystery. Jackson is tragically tormented by his love for Thomas’ sister, Sophia, whose own heart is failing, beyond all medical help. Jackson will do anything in his power to save his precious Sophia. Could finding the killer hold the key to saving the woman he loves?

My Review: 
5 Stars

I absolutely loved the story and premise behind The Alloy Heart. I've always enjoyed the stories that have come from Quinn Loftis and this story from her and her husband is no different.

The book opens very strong. Thrusting the reader into a murder investigation that is being headed by Inspector Thomas Hill. This is a very strong character. He wishes to prove his talent, instead of being handed anything. Quite an admirable trait that is seldom seen now a a days.

This inspector and his family are the key characters throughout the novel. Sophia and Olivia will quickly grow on you. I can definitely see some "Jen Like" qualities in one of the sisters.

You are thrust into a story of experiments, murder and love. The bond of the family will have you yearning for such if you don't already have it. Hoping beyond hope that something will turn around.

A great book by two amazing authors.

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