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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Review of Connie (The Angel Series Book 2.5) by Tracy Lorraine

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I did not and will not accept monetary compensation for reviews. These are my original thoughts and opinions.

Connie has been hiding her true feelings for years. She has first hand experience of what acting on those feelings does for the ones she loves so she tries her best to keep them locked up tight. Unfortunately it’s not always that easy, her recently discovered pregnancy is proof of that.
Connie is a strong young woman. She has a successful business, an amazing family and now a great best friend. There is something missing though and no matter what she does she can’t put him behind her.

Fin’s jack the lad persona is helping him to hide a lot of secrets. His friends think they know all there is to know about him but they are very wrong. Fin has become the master at hiding his pain and struggles.
Fin has one weakness though, he always has, but he knows she’s something he shouldn’t be allowing himself to have. He knows the possible consequences for his actions but he’s powerless to stop himself until the actions of his best friend forces his hand.

Can Fin face up to the secrets he’s hiding and at last allow the people that love him in to help and in turn allow Connie the happy ever after she has always dreamed of or will he push everyone away when he needs them more than ever?

My Review:
5 Stars

Connie has become my favorite character in this series. I am completely envious of the confidence that woman has. 

While being pregnant may not be something that was planned, Connie handles it very well. While juggling her business and attempting to figure out Fin, she does a great job of coming to terms that she is going to become a mother. 

Fin just breaks my heart. A man that has been harboring a secret so that he doesn't burden those around him. Hiding what his life has become and pushing away those he loves, all to avoid seeing the pity in their eyes. 

A beautiful journey of finding not only one's self, but on another as well. Connie's story is beautiful and heart wrenching all at once, but her strength jumps off the pages. Leaving you wishing you either had someone like Connie in your life or that you possessed even an ounce of her confidence and strength. 

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