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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blitz: What's Buried Beneath by Melissa Silvey

What’s Buried Beneath Synopsis "What's Buried Beneath" is the first book in the Memories duet. Caught between two men... Between her past and her future. Chelsea is the victim of a horrible accident, one that steals the last four years worth of her memories. She's deeply attracted to Aaron Efron, the doctor who possibly saved her life. But there's another man whom she's had a forbidden crush on, and no matter how hard she tries, she can't shake her attraction to him. He's her boss, the gorgeous yet unobtainable Thorn O'Brien. There's another mysterious man lingering in the shadows, one who threatens her happiness with either man she chooses.

Melissa Silvey - Author Info Like one of her characters, Melissa doesn't reveal much about herself at first glance. She's shy and reserved, she's socially awkward, and she constantly says the wrong thing at the wrong time. But if you take the time to get to know her, you'll see she knows how to have fun! Give her a few drinks, and she'll have you laughing and dancing in no time. In her mind, she's the greatest dj ever, and she especially loves upbeat 80's music. She started writing short stories and poems in elementary school, basically as soon as she picked up a pencil. When she's not writing, and studying (the end IS near!) she enjoys watching football, hockey, and she really loves live music (live, not recorded) and she will sing off key constantly (as long as no one else is around). She's also a huge moviephile, preferring big budget action movies. Also, she has several television shows she MUST watch, and if you interfere with her shows she will get angry! Get to know Melissa Silvey, and her characters. You might just find an awesome new friend!

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A teaser from What’s Buried Beneath On the way to the courthouse, in the back of the SUV, I hike up my skirt and slide into his lap, facing him, and gaze down at the stunned look on his face. I don’t care if it’s noon in Manhattan and the streets are full of cars. I don’t care that the driver is looking at us in his mirror. I don’t even care about Aaron. All I care about is this gorgeous man, and this moment. All I ever want is right here, right now. I lean forward and lick his lips, as I begin to unbutton his shirt. “Chelsea, wait until we’re back at the office,” he whispers, but he helps me with the buttons as he protests. When I flick my tongue against his lips again, he groans and sucks my tongue into his mouth. My fingers find his skin, and explore, as he moans into my mouth. We kiss for several moments. I enjoy the texture of his smooth, hairless skin. I enjoy the way he can’t manage to say no to me, or stop me, even though he desperately wants to. And I enjoy his excitement. He kisses like a sex god, like a man who knows what he’s doing in bed, or on the couch in his office, or in the back of a luxury SUV. I pull away, to again gaze down at him. I watch the confusion play across his face. I begin to button his shirt, because I’ve already got what I wanted. I wanted to test his reactions to me, and he passed with flying colors. His hands, however, don’t stop. They roam up my body, over my throat, and into my hair. “God, I want you so badly, Chelsea.” He whispers it, and his hands come back down my body, to rest on my breasts. “Why are you turning me on like this, when we’re on our way to see a judge?” “Why don’t you tell me? You know me better than I know myself.” I’ve got his shirt buttoned, and I’m straightening his tie. “Knowing that I was always so f--king horny for you, and you could tell me no at any time, turned you on. That was your kink, Chelsea.” “And what’s your kink, Thorn?” I whisper in his ear. Just as I do, the driver announces, “We’re here.” Thorn grabs my ass, and pulls my center roughly into his pelvic area. And he looks right into my eyes as he admits, “You.”

My Review:
4 Stars

Melissa Silvey weaves a story that contains both darkness and light. The more light tries to prevail, the harder the darkness tries to take over.

Chelsea is a badass ADA. Although her personal life has kind of taken a dive because of it. Living a life where she is feared rather than respected. She fights for control over all areas of her life because there is one area where she has no control.

After an accident leaves here with retrograde amnesia, Chelsea has to come to terms with her life. Having no memories of the last four years she can't believe the person she has become and she's determined to change that. There is one person that doesn't want her to change. One person that has loved her and that still loves her fiercely.

A brilliant story and very well written. I cannot wait for the second part of Chelsea's tale.

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