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Friday, November 25, 2016

Review of Molly Part Two (Angel #1) by Tracy Lorraine

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I did not and will not accept monetary compensation for reviews. These thoughts are honest and are my own. 

After months of fighting their feelings for each other Molly and Ryan have at last decided to make a go of it but will the actions of the guy Molly has been seeing ruin that before it has really started?

As Molly chases after Ryan will she be able to convince him that she is fed up of fighting the connection between and that she is truly ready to start a serious relationship with him despite all her insecurities that keep rearing their ugly heads?

Can Ryan prove to Molly that despite the past she is the only one for him even when his mother starts interfering and tries to break them apart by using Molly’s biggest fears against her?

As a couple will they be able to deal with the unexpected events life throws at them and come out the other side stronger than ever?

My Review:

This is the continuation of Ryan and Molly's story and picks up right where the first book left off. These two have some serious chemistry and I am so glad that they have decided try, but Molly almost mucks it up trying not to hurt anyone. 

While their love is beautiful, Ryan and Molly definitely still have some hurdles to overcome before they can really enjoy what they have. One of those hurdles being Ryan's diabolical mother. That woman is a serious piece of work to say the least. 

Contending with that and trying to keep everyone from hating her has Molly running herself ragged. I must say that I am glad she has someone like Jax to turn to though. He is one of my other favorite characters in this series. Just the bad boy persona alone makes you swoon, but seeing that he is pretty much a big teddy bear makes the knees tremble. 

I enjoyed watching Molly and Ryan try and find their way to each other, even if there were times when nails were bitten, tissues were clutched and hope was all that could be held onto. A brilliant story all around.

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