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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Book Review: Shaman's Curse by Suzannah Daniels

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I did not and do not accept monetary compensation for reviews. These thoughts are mine and mine alone.

SHAMAN'S CURSE (Vampire's Bane #2) is a mature young adult paranormal fantasy/romance/action & adventure/post-apocalyptic story.

Maylin Kavanagh is on a mission.

After escaping the Warwick Vampires, she’s sworn that the only thing that can stand between her and reaching St. Louis for the next phase of The Program is death itself. 

Determined to discover her purpose, her allegiance is with the human race. But the humans aren’t the only ones who want her.

Creed’s people claim that she’s the key to their prophecy and the cure for their curse. So why did he try to kill her?

And if that weren’t enough to ponder, she fears the vampires will hunt her—not for her blood, but for revenge.

As Maylin tries to find her place in a world filled with the supernatural, she realizes it’s not always easy to recognize the lies from the truth, the friends from the enemies. And maybe the hardest thing of all is being able to reconcile her head with her heart.

But it’s a fight for survival, and Maylin intends to win. 

SHAMAN'S CURSE is the second book in the VAMPIRE'S BANE series. This is an ongoing story, and not all questions will be answered. You will need to read this series in order.

My Review:
5 Stars

The first book in this series did me in. Following a young girl whose parents sacrificed her to an unknown program. Seeing her struggle and come to terms with how the world really is after years of being held underground, and to have her put into situations where harming someone she cared for was the only option. 

I could not wait for the continuation of Maylin's story. The author did not disappoint either. This next chapter in the series is engaging, action filled and will definitely have you ping ponging feelings all over the place. 

Now I try hard as I can to keep my reviews spoiler free. There is nothing worse than reading a review and basically getting the Cliff's Notes version of a book. It takes out the thrill of reading it in the first place. 

That is why this review is now spewing with omg this happened and this happened. I want so much to do that, but there is too much that would be given away. Just know that you will not be disappointed. The ride that awaits you is worth it and the secrets that you will discover are mind blowing. 

I cannot wait for the next book in this series. 

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