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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Review: That's A Relief (Promises, Promises, #3) by Victoria Klahr

It was supposed to be our happily-ever-after. We were supposed to look into the future and not worry about our past dragging us down anymore. I was supposed to marry the man of my dreams in a month, and now… Now, everything has changed. 

So when my nightmares become reality—when the world starts crashing down around me—what do I do? How do I save the one person who never gave up on me? 

Because, Seth? He is everything. 

"I know I’ve hurt you. I know I make it really freaking hard to love me, but I will never stop loving you. And I will never give up on you. Not ever."

Everything was perfect. She said yes, she had the ring. Best of all, I had her heart. We were so close… so close to that future I had been dreaming about for years. Until suddenly it was ripped away from me.

I will stop at nothing to protect her. But how do I do that when I feel my sanity slipping with every blow sent our way? How do I save a girl who doesn’t want to be saved anymore?

Because Josie? She is everything.

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My Review:
5 Stars

I have been waiting for this story since the end of the second book. There was one part at the end that kept nagging me. One little detail that could destroy Josie's life for being overlooked. 

After reading the first two books i was conflicted on who was best for Josie. But Seth quickly grew on me. No matter what he screws up, his love for Josie is so pure and true. He tries so hard to be the man that he thinks she needs, but really needs to grow into a more confident man in order to be that for her. 

Josie is dealing well with everything that she had endured so far. This latest book bring both the utmost joy and absolute terror to her life. Watching how she deals with the issues and how she grows was an eye opening journey. 

That's a Relief was a perfect continuation of this series. Not only do you fall even more in love with both Seth and Josie, but other surprises from a not so distant past also come to light. While the person is in a way only trying to help, they are still holding out hope that Josie still has them in her heart. A fantastic addition to the Promises, Promises series.

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