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Friday, April 8, 2016

Den of Sorrows (The Grey Wolves Series, Book 9) by Quinn Loftis Blog Tour & Giveaway

Den of Sorrows by Quinn Loftis Blog Tour & Giveaway

Den of Sorrows, The Grey Wolves Series, Book 9

Author: Quinn Loftis

Release Date: March 25, 2016

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The Romanian and Serbian Canis lupus rest in an uneasy peace. One of their own, Sally Miklos, the young and powerful gypsy healer, aids Perizada in her quest to defeat Volcan, a long forgotten nightmare returned to our world. These two packs watch as their brothers across the world, wolves from Spain, Ireland, and America, join their own forces in the battle against the evil dark fae. At the same time, the packs hope against hope that their presence might reveal a mate bond between a pack member and one of the five recently discovered gypsy healers.

While Jacque and Jen miss Sally, their longtime best friend, they have bided their time dealing with their own domestic issues. Jacque and Fane are anticipating the birth of their first child and Jen and Decebel face the challenges of caring for an infant. Both girls are eagerly awaiting Sally’s return, and have Perizada’s word that she will be back in time for the birth of Jacque’s baby.

Vasile and Alina, the Alpha pair of the Romanian pack, are enjoying this time of peace. But Vasile did not become the most powerful Alpha in centuries by being a fool. He has lived long enough to know that there is always another battle on the horizon. As long as evil exists in this world, his race must step forward and stand in the gap, shielding those who cannot protect themselves. But the battle he is anticipating is bigger than he could have ever imagined.

As Perizada has recently discovered, creatures of the night that have for so long remained hidden from the human realm, have slithered from their underground lairs and begun preying on the young and innocent. The high fae has declared war, and she expects Vasile and his wolves to be the ones to carry out the attack. The Alpha is more than happy to oblige. But with his first grandchild on the way, and the gift of five vulnerable healers coming under the wolves’ protection, he understands that he must be very careful not to place any of them in harm’s way.

Such is the job of the Alpha, protector, and provider. He and those he leads must stand as sentinels and warriors to safeguard those they love, and the humans who know nothing of the supernatural world. It will be their job to destroy the creatures that threaten to expose them all. And if they fail, the world as they know it, both human and supernatural, will never be the same.

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About The Author

Quinn Loftis is a wife, mother, and self-published author. She currently Quinn Loftis Bio Pichas 16 novels, and 1 novella, available for purchase. Quinn gives all credit to God for her success, because He is the one who created her.



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“Your wolf definitely smells interested,” he added with a grin.
“Quit sniffing my wolf,” she said, intending the rebuke to come out with a little bite. Instead it was breathy and pathetically lustful. She should just give in and admit defeat. She could deny it all in the morning and then make him build two doghouses and a playhouse for when Thia is older. Jen snickered to herself. Yes, having leverage was nice. Then again, having an attentive lover for a mate was even nicer.
~Den of Sorrows


  1. My favorite character would have to be Sally because when other people see her she is sweet and calm and cool collected but she sometimes lets her wild side show. Thank You Quinn for writing such a great series ☺

  2. Fav character, probably Sally, because I identify myself the most with her.

  3. Fantastic read!! HUGE cliffhanger!!

    1. Oy, forgot to add fav character. Its hard choice I really love all of them. Jen has to be the choice this time. The stuff out of her month makes me laugh the most

  4. I can't pick a favorite, I adore them all and how they interact with each other and their spouses. I can't wait to read what they do next.

  5. Jen is by far my favorite character along with Peri. I am super sarcastic so these two crack me up!

  6. How can you pick just one favorite character? Peri has her wisdom, cutting edge knowledge and dry humor, Jen her wit and humor, Jacque with her level head and humor and Sally with her innocence and love for her friends. I pick the girls!

  7. I don't have a favorite yet, I'm just getting started:)

  8. I don't have a favorite yet, I'm just getting started:)

  9. I love all the characters... each one has amazing strenght and love. The books are great and im dying to find out what happens in book 10