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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cover Reveal: A Fresh Start by Lexi Bissen

Book blurb- 

Gibson Mitchell, son of Rock God Aaron Mitchell, has only ever known a life of partying, drugs and alcohol. After his last juvenile stunt, he finds himself shipped across the country, sharing a roof with a police officer, his uncle. His choices? Stay out of trouble and finish high school or jail. Moving away from his parents is Gibson's chance at a new life, a fresh start. 
Living in a small town wasn’t what Ronnie Hamilton saw as part of her future, and a full ride to her university of choice is her only chance to escape the boredom that is Freedom, Alabama. Her dream? A degree in literature. The only problem? Her father will never let her move to another state. Her mission? Stand up to her family. 
During their senior year Ronnie and Gibson find themselves brought together on multiple occasions and hate becomes sympathy as they both discover that they want futures far away from their parent’s ideals. What you want may be difficult, but taking a chance is the act of braveness you might need.

About the Author 

Lexi Bissen is a new author with her series, Second Chance Boys, in the works. She was born and raised in Florida and enjoys spending her time with family and reading while laying out in the sun. Lexi is currently in college working on her degree in publishing and editing, and giving the voices in her head a story. What inspired Lexi to write was meeting a model at a signing and BAM! a story came to her head. After that, a series came along and more potential stories keep popping up here and there.

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