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Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Review: Down the Wormhole by Ana Franco

In a city there is a tiny lane that separates two orphanages - one for boys and one for girls. Inside live two very special groups of teenagers. These teenagers carry a secret and
leave it tucked safely away in their mysterious lives. 

Then one day, a girl named Kitty arrives. No last name, just Kitty.

Before Kitty has time to be astonished by the teenagers' real identitites, she is whisked into a magical realm that slowly unfolds her own. She must come to terms with her true place in the world while she can, because time is ticking and there are secrets in the wormhole.

Travel with Kitty and her new friends down the wormhole into a mysterious world of magic, mythology, and mayhem.

You can pick up Down The Wormhole and lose yourself in the twisting turns of a few orphans... who just so happen to be ancient gods and godesses in hiding and suddenly find themselves thrown out of their comfort as they have to save the world.

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My Review:
4 Stars

**May contain some spoilers**

This book is very different from the mythilogical stories that I have read in the past. Instead of having God's portrayed as either adults or themselves entirely, they are placed into the body of teenages. Not all of the figures are this way, but the main story does revolve around this group of special young adults.

The story takes place between to orphanages for the most part. A young girl named Kitty wanders into the girl's housing looking for some place to stay. Little does she know what special kinds of people reside in these two houses. What she doesn't realize is that her two roommates are Medusa (Natalie) and Aphrodite (Anna).

Residing next door are Anubis (Andrew) and Amergin (Thomas). While we know who Anubis is, Thomas/Amergin is the God of Magic. I enjoyed the characters in the book very much, but I think a little more history on the characters would help those who are not very familiar with who they are.

Enter the bad guys of this particular story. Eris is after the braclet of Anubis and Set is after Amergin. Eris so kindly breaks Set out of a cell in The Land About the Clouds. This particular piece of lore I am not familiar with. The story doesn't really give much background on what exactly this place is, but you are able to comprehend what goes on there.

The story does develope pretty quickly and has its fair share of young God's falling in love.

Overall I enjoyed reading this story. While there could have been more detail, it does flow nicely and there were very few grammatical/spelling erros.

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