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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blog Tour: Out From Under (Pea Pod Girls' Investigations Book #1)

Out From Under

Pea Pod Girls’ Investigations Book #1

By- Melanie Donithan, Dee Middleton-Taylor, and Suzanne Curry

Genre- Romance/Mystery/Humor

Expected Publication Date- March 2015

Three small town, middle-aged women with big town dreams open up The Pea Pod Girls’ Investigations. Gigi VanWey, the Amazon Queen, Tallulah Dewy Townz, the pint-sized rebel who can open a can of whoop ass, and Babs Rosencrantz, the Jewish Guru, had no idea how much trouble they could stir up with their first case. These extremely resourceful women are three peas in a pod who know how to get a job done.

Their first client, trophy wife and recovering-sugar-daddy-addict Cyndi Lou Montgomery, wants to find out how one minute she’s watching the Douglas County 4th of July celebration and the next, waking up in the Douglas County Prize Bull Barn in a most un-lady-like situation. Now Cyndi is being blackmailed, and given specific instructions to follow.

The Pea Pod Girls didn’t know that a home explosion, being shot at, missing evidence and unwanted help from the new town sheriff, Jackson Lee – who, by the way, is so hot you could fry an egg on his fine ass – would be part of the job.

The case comes to a head when the Pea Pod Girls set a trap for the blackmailer at the annual Midnight Madness Costume Ball.

Will the Pea Pod Girls be able to solve the mystery before the clock strikes midnight?


About the Authors-

Melanie, aka Pea Pod Girl Number One, is a forty-something mother of two. She works in the legal field in her hometown of Wenatchee, WA, and is a member of Write on the River.

Dee, aka Pea Pod Girl in the Middle, lives in Wenatchee with her husband Glenn and American Bulldog Abbee. She has a BS in Corrections and has worked in the criminal justice field for more than 28 years. She expresses her abundance of creative energy through writing mysteries, drawing, remodeling her home, sewing Pea Pod costumes, and cooking.

Suz, aka Pea Pod Girl Number Three, lives with her husband Dennis in Tucson, AZ, where she enjoys watching sunsets, practicing tai chi, painting, and Skyping on a regular basis with Mel and Dee. Suz has a Master’s degree in school counseling and has worked with at-risk youth and families for the past 20 years.

The longtime friends are hard at work on Book 2 in the Pea Pod Girls Series. Out from Under is their debut novel.


Twitter: @peapodgirls123

Character Bios:

Gigi VanWey, Pea Pod Girl Number 1
Everybody knows Gigi as that tall, long-legged chick with the big boobs who did hurdles all through school. She even went to Mallard University on a track scholarship thanks to those long legs...not sure if the boobs had anything to do with it. Being the eldest of six, she mastered the stink eye at an early age. She earned a degree in Business Management and met and fell in love with her husband, HBL, at Mallard and ended up inheriting the family farm when her aunt passed away. She grows and markets her own designer green beans, tomatoes and peas along with her husband, three sons (Langston, Mason & Reece) and two daughters (Blaire & Wild Woman).
Gigi's best friends are Tallulah & Babs, whom she met while volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Gigi is a free spirit that loves her family, nature, adventure and spending time with her buddies, Tallulah & Babs. She may be afraid of the dark, but she is a strong woman and very loyal to the ones she holds dear. She has a level head and is the glue that keeps the PP's together.
Tallulah Dewy Townz, Pea Pod Girl in the Middle
Tallulah, a very young 52 year old, resides in the little town of Wenatchee, Washington. She is 5’5” tall, weighs 115 pounds, and may appear harmless with her pixie haircut and super hero shirts, but do not let that fool you; she is full of spit and vinegar.

Tallulah attended Oregon College of Enlightenment and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. She is the divorced mother of Zoe and Hudson. Tallulah retired from the local Child Welfare Services after 25 years of being a lead investigator to open Pea Pod Girls Investigations. While working for the C.W.S. her ex-husband, control freak Richard Butt (aka Dick Butt) was her boss. It was very liberating for Tallulah to get out from under him,  but her marriage to Dick has made her a bit gun shy when it comes to relationships and commitment. This isn’t good news for Jackson Lee, the new sheriff who wants more than a once-a-month fling.

Tallulah lives in a haunted house that she is slowly remodeling on her own. Her garage is full of both carpentry tools and guns that she is very adept at using. Crowbar, a 140 pound American Bulldog, and Snapdragon, a cat, are her roommates. Tallulah is a pint size rebel who is not afraid to open a can of whoop ass. She is a get - er-done girl who protects those she loves.

Babs Rosencrantz Pea Pod Girl Number 3
Babs was born and raised in an influential Jewish home in New York. Babs is very prim and proper and was taught by the best Mrs. Tweet’s True Conservatory of Social Etiquette. She is a graduate of the University of Geniuses with a Master’s Degree in Hu Per Behaviors (Human Person). She finds the study of people fascinating. Babs worked for 12 years as a Human Resource Manager in a high end software company, which gave her a love of gadgets and allowed her to one day develop the PPGI “utility belt.” The intense pace made it easy for her to quit and join Pea Pod Investigations.

Babs is a woman with various resources. Babs is known for her “bag” which has anything and everything one would need in a case of an emergency. She knows people in high places and also has excellent parking karma.
Babs is happily married to Chickenman and a mother of one adult daughter, Sweet Pea. Colors mean a lot to Babs; she believes everything in life needs to be color coordinated. She has a knack for reading minds and has a finely tuned intuition. Babs is one with the Universe and often relies on her relaxing techniques to balance herself and others.
Arizona Wyatt Zanderfield
Arizona is a young 71 year old high-maintenance drama queen that has flashbacks of her acid dropping days. Arizona is a true free spirit hippie chick. She is employed as a secretary for Pea Pod Girls Investigations and is Tallulah’s neighbor. Her office equipment consists of a no nonsense desk, an Easy-Boy recliner and a TV with cable so she can watch her soaps. She is a sexually active 71 year old that is not inhibited whatsoever. She loves men (especially if they still have their teeth and hair). Currently Arizona has two-love interests: Frank Burger and Professor Tabor Forest. Arizona is a widow, believes in living life to the fullest, doesn’t beat around the bush and is brutally honest. She comes across very abrasive but underneath that tough exterior is a heart of gold.
Jackson Lee
Jackson is the new Sheriff in the little town of Wenatchee, Washington. He and Gigi’s husband are good friends.
He stands 6’ 5” and weighs 250 pounds, green eyes, and short dark brown hair. One could say he is rather ripped and looks good in button up 501 jeans and tight T-shirts. Tallulah likes to say that Jackson is so frigging hot you could fry an egg on his mighty fine ass. Jackson is a man who wants to take control and ensure that those around him are safe. He is a by-the-book kind of guy. Jackson’s love interest is Tallulah and he is discovering that she can’t be controlled.

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