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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blog Tour: The Twisted Bloodlines Series by Linda Jackson

Twisted Bloodlines

Twisted Bloodlines #1

By- Linda Jackson

Genre- Paranormal Romance

Megan has never had what most would call a normal life.

Her childhood and teen years were spent on the run with her family, hiding from a horror so great it defines their world. Friends and homes are traded at a moment’s notice to escape from their worst nightmares.

Years pass, and her mother settles down with her new step-father, a kind man who does his best to protect them. Life lulls into a safe pace, and Megan finally feels as though she has control of her future for the first time in her life. But that peace is shattered with the arrival of a new family member, one that bears a striking resemblance to a savior of her past…

Confused by her deep emotional connection to him, things unravel fast. She learns that the people she lives with, even her own family, are not what they seem. Her only friend who helped her piece her life back together changes overnight, and she is left dealing with the fallout on her own…

As events unfold, Megan finds herself face to face with the horror that has haunted her since childhood. But will she be able to escape from her twisted bloodline?


Conceived From Evil

Twisted Bloodlines # 2

By- Linda Jackson

Genre- Paranormal Romance

Having been rescued from a living nightmare by her newfound friends, Callie tries to come to terms with what was done to her. Distraught with the way she feels towards one of the residents in her new home, she finds herself the object of another unwanted affection as things soon spiral out of her control.

Finding out she is no longer the orphan she thought she was, her family begin to creep out of the woodwork. She soon realizes they are more terrifying than the beast who lives in her nightmares. With her enemy list growing by the minute, Callie finds out she is not so different from the people around her as fiction becomes reality, leaving Callie, and those she loves, fighting… for her life.


Curses and Deception

Twisted Bloodlines # 3

By- Linda Jackson

Genre- Paranormal Romance

After the dramatic rescue of Megan, Trey wakes up to find himself held prisoner, trapped in a dreary dungeon with the beast inside of him bound. Being away from the chaos of his everyday life, he has a chance to get his head on straight and figure out how to tame the wolf. Or so he thought. His dungeon cellmate has captured his attention, and the beast inside is far from happy about it.

With a battle of wills raging inside, Trey and his cellmate attempt to escape the dungeon, but it’s only the first hurdle. With time ticking against them, they make their way through the maze ahead, desperate to escape. Will Trey get to explore his feelings towards her?

Or will the beast scare her off for good?


About the Author-

I love to write, always have done since I was a child. I also love to draw anything and everything! Reading is also my passion as is music.My first book in my paranormal book series is due out on 5th June 2013, published by Moon Rose Publishing.


Twisted Bloodlines Website-

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The journey through the woods seems to go on forever. Even with good night vision, it gets harder to see the further we go into them. The roar of Blake's motorcycle sounds from behind us, and he passes by, taking up the lead. Shortly after the car slows, a huge, beautiful cottage comes into view. Blake cuts his engine and Jase pulls up alongside him. Climbing out of the car, I feel something stirring inside. My emotions are going crazy. I can't take my eyes off Blake as I watch him climb off his bike. Striding towards us with those powerful legs of his, all I can think is how good he looks naked under those clothes.
My body burns up, every nerve tingling as desire rages through me. Blake stops in his tracks, fully focused on me. I can't stop the feelings racing through me, I feel like I am about to explode. Devon groans behind me. I turn to face him, and I don’t like what I see.
“That's not good!” he declares as though he's in pain. Jase comes to stand beside him, wearing the same expression as Devon.
“Tell me about it, she's my sister!” Jase remarks in return.
Getting an uneasy feeling I murmur, “What are you talking about?” I start to feel like prey, Devon and Jase the hunters as they take a step closer to me. Blake growls loudly in warning, putting himself between me and the guys.
“You are going into heat, it starts just before your first shift. It then continues for a week, where you will become fertile,” Blake explains.
“So I am about to shift?” I answer, wondering whether that is why I am feeling this way.
“Soon,” Blake reveals, voice strained. Another wave of desire washes over me.
“Okay, so those two are looking at me like that because…?” I take another step back as their eyes change.
“Ever watch animals in mating season?” Blake remarks, his back still to me. It sinks in then. The heat part of the equation becomes clear-- they want to mate with me.
“Make it stop, Blake. She's killing me!” Devon shouts.
“Back off, Dev, or it will be me killing you,” Blake warns in return.
Confused as to how Blake can make it stop, I inquire, “What does it have to do with you? How can you make it stop, Blake?” He turns to me, raising his eyebrows. My senses sharpen suddenly, and I can sense his own desire for me. Now I get what they are asking, they have nominated Blake to do the deed. The question of how that is going to help rests on the tip of my tongue. I don't dare ask it, nowhere near ready for the response. Jase edges closer to me.
“Eww, Jase, I'm your sister!” I declare in disgust. I grip onto Blake's arm, scared by the whole situation. It finally fades, my fear overriding everything else I am feeling.
“Oh, thank god!” Jase mutters, falling to his knees. Devon breathes a sigh of relief, but I can still sense Blake's desire. I release my grip on his arm, taking a step back.
“Okay, I am going to go now. There is no way in hell I am staying here with you two!” I announce. Blake laughs, clearly finding this amusing.
“Oh, you think it's funny do you?” I remark angrily. He has the decency to stop laughing.
Turning to me, his face becoming serious, he says, “Megan, nothing would have happened.”
“Oh really, you were as bad as they were, Blake. Who would have saved me then?” I demand. A slow smile spreads across his face as he steps towards me. He cups my face, making my heart pound in anticipation of feeling his lips against mine again.
“Do you really want saving from me, Megan? Because it doesn't smell that way to me,” he teases, leaning forward, lips inches from mine. Desire rushes through me, bringing the heat with it. Blake breathes in deeply, a low growl escaping him as his eyes change. “Take a drive, boys,” he declares to Devon and Jase without taking his gaze off me.

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