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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blog Tour: Stay by Hilary Wynne

Stay by Hilary Wynne 
(Alexa Reed #1) 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Set against the steamy and sultry world of South Beach, Florida, a modern romance unfolds in Stay.

Alexa is beautiful, independent and hard to resist for serially unattached Julian. Neither one is looking for a relationship, but their palpable chemistry and instant emotional connection is too strong to ignore. For the first time in years, Julian is interested in more than just sex. He wants a relationship with intoxicating Alexa, but it’s not that simple. Not only are Julian and Alexa struggling with the intensity of this new relationship, but they also have to contend with Luke, Alexa’s best friend, whose own love for her leaves him willing to do anything to convince her that Julian is not the man for her. Luke’s determination and Alexa’s secret past threaten to tear Julian and Alexa apart as she struggles to open her heart to love. Julian and Alexa embark upon a roller-coaster ride of emotional and physical passion that both pulls them apart and holds them together. Despite their affinity for each other, Alexa fears that Julian will leave when he learns about her past and Julian is unsure he can love a woman who in so many ways remains a mystery, a woman who keeps threatening to run, a woman who can’t decide if she is going to STAY.


Have you ever woken up one day and said, “Today’s the day I’m going to do (insert thing here)?” Well, I did, and the result is my first novel, Stay. I always thought of myself as a decent writer, and then a trip down memory lane through my ninth grade book of poetry confirmed it. I realize that I have always had a romantic side and a way with words. With support from my husband and kids (and an unspoken agreement to leave me alone for a few hours every night), I embarked on this incredible writing journey.

I’m originally from sunny Southern California and spent my summers in South Florida. I attended college at FSU and received my Masters in New Mexico. I finally settled in the Washington, DC area. My happy place has always been anywhere near the water.

When I’m not writing, I help run a business with my husband, watch an inordinate amount of sports (my kids play something 365 days a year), indulge my competitive spirit on the tennis court, and spend time with my awesome family and friends.

I am an avid reader, but find my characters feel neglected when I hang out with other author’s characters for too long. When I do read, historical fiction is my favorite genre. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, places, and times.

I feel so blessed that my love of books inspired me to finally do something that I forgot I had always dreamed about doing.

My someday has arrived!

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“Es lo mismo para mí, baby. I’ve been hard since the night I met you. You drive me crazy.”
It is such a turn on to know I have the same effect on him.
Julian kisses my neck and then my collarbone and slides down my body until he’s on his knees in front
of me. He runs his hand up my calf and puts my leg over his shoulder. He’s holding up my dress with one hand and pulling my panties to the side with the other. I moan loudly and grab his hair when he puts his hot mouth on me. Holy hell! I’m going to have to remember to challenge him more often. He runs his tongue up and down my cleft and over my clit with the perfect amount of pressure, and I’m amazed he already knows exactly the way I need to be touched in order to orgasm. I arch my back and push myself into him. It doesn’t take long for him to have me coming apart in his mouth. My legs start to shake, and I grab my dresser to hold myself up. Julian keeps licking me until the last shudder of my orgasm leaves my body. I have to bring my leg to the floor before I fall. Julian removes his mouth from me but doesn’t say a word. He straightens my panties and stands up in front of me. He kisses me softly on the lips and then leans to whisper in my ear.
“Panties or no panties, I’ll touch you whenever I can. I can’t help myself. And your body responds so beautifully that I know you’re okay with it.”
“So much for the intermission.” And so much for me not being overwhelmed. My legs are not the
only thing shaking. I feel a sensation in my chest, as if my heart is expanding. I would love to believe I’m responding this way to him because I haven’t had regular sex in so long. I tell myself I’m making up for lost time. I tell myself I like sex, and Julian is a great lover so, all of these feelings are just par for the course. I tell myself these powerful orgasms he keeps giving me are messing with my emotions and muddying my thoughts. But deep down, in my soul, I know it’s much more. I feel a craving for him and a need to have him near me. The way my body responds to his touch is unlike anything I’ve felt before, and it scares me almost as much as it turns me on. I shouldn’t be so comfortable with his control over me sexually. But I am. I am because I’m already falling in love with Julian Bauer.
“Are you complaining?” He teases me with a smile on his face. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling witty anymore. The magnitude of what I feel for this beautiful man standing in front of me hits me like a ton of bricks, and I feel tears spring to my eyes as my heart opens to him.

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