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Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Review of Embracing Love by Nicky Jayne

The storm clouds break above them, lightning illuminates the sky. 
A kiss. Who knew one kiss could hold so much weight, could change a life so much.
Josh’s words play over and over in her mind, the sensation of his lips upon her.
New feelings, new sensations rock her. Warm feelings engulf her. As she dances in a sea of new beginnings.
He hides in the shadows as his prize is taken from him. His burning eyes follow her. Things haven’t gone according to plan, but he will bide his time. An unknown figure will help him achieve his goal. This time he will not fail, this time she will be his. 
Josh’s body shields her from the unknown. Holding onto her for dear life as she slips away into her nightmares. Nightmares that have become reality. 
Familiar faces, show themselves as strangers. 
She wants him, he wants her but can they move on and make a life. Can he be honest with her? Can she bear her soul to him?

My Review:
4.5 Stars

First let me start off by saying that if you have not seen my review of Embracing Life them please read that first so as not to be confused. 

I was very happy with this novella. Now I was a little upset with how the previous novella had ended. That was not the case with Embracing Love. The story flowed nicely and ended on a note that leaves you wanting more, but one that also offers closure. I wouldn't mind seeing where Josh and Melanie would be a couple more years down the road. 

Now onto Embracing Love itself. The story picks up exactly where Embracing Life left off, which is nice. Usually I am not a huge fan of jumping perspectives in books. Again I am one of those people that are easily confused with stuff like that. However it worked wonderfully in Embracing Love. You get to see the story unfold through every main character's eyes. 

Melanie's past is coming to light more and more throughout the story. Secrets that have been in place for years are slowly revealed, and Melanie is finally starting to feel again. Although scared in the past she realizes that its time to move on . She needs to actually live life instead of endure it. 

She knows that she has the people around her that will be there no matter what, but they still don't know the complete story. And for Melanie the nightmare isn't quite over yet. 

A great sequel to Embracing Life and as I said above I would love to see at least one more installment on where everyone is after like a 10 year period. 

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