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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Little Broken by Juli Valenti Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Book Info-
Title- A Little Broken
By- Juli Valenti
Genre- Contemporary Romance

Jessie Braden thought she had it all. A husband, a new baby – her life was on course, exactly what she always wanted…Until one day, she loses everything.
Ruined and broken, she’s left alone to pick up the pieces of her life. Unable to cope, she spontaneously packs up and moves across the country, hoping that new scenery will help.
Once in sunny Florida, she finds an apartment and a job but while Jessie is surviving, she isn’t living…until one night she meets someone. Dominick.
Desperate for an escape from the pain of her memories, she relents to his unerring determination and agrees to spend time with him.
Through his patience and understanding, she will learn that she’s not ruined…she’s just a little broken.

My Review:
5 stars

Definitely have your tissues ready for this book. Jessie's story is heart breaking, but would you be able to pick up the pieces?

Jessie has lost so much and has had incidents brought to her attention that she just can't believe. Her heart has been completely broken and she can't take the stares from strangers anymore. So she decides to leave and ends up in Florida.

Jessie is surviving at best. Honestly I don't know how she does it. Where most people would curl up and let the world pass them she is out doing her best version of living. Until one day Dominick enters her life. Then everything she's been trying to just simply survive blooms with new possibilities.

Will Jessie be able to forgive her past in order to move onto a future that looks so bright? Only she can pick up the pieces in order to become less broken.

I really enjoyed this story. As sad as it is, you realize that it happens more than you would think. People struggle with what Jessie has had to go through all the time. Most aren't as strong as her though. An inspirational read.


About the Author-
Juli Valenti grew up in Arkansas and currently resides in Florida with her husband and two boys. Working a full time job, as well as owning her own editing company, along with a full time family, her life is crazy but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Juli is currently working on several other true-life inspired novels.



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