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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Audrey's Promise Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Book Info-
Title- Audrey’s Promise
By- Susan Sheehey
Publication Date- July 24, 2013
Published By- The Wild Rose Press

Audrey Allen is poised to become the youngest Texas senator, a position that fits her nickname, The Peacemaker. But she's unable to make peace with many in her hometown, where memories and grudges run deep from a decade-old tragedy.

Ethan Tanner, an ambitious and tantalizing journalist, joins her at Thanksgiving for an in-depth look at the promising candidate. But he has an agenda of his own that's not entirely honorable.
Ethan could stir up trouble for her budding career, or awaken the deep passions she's buried for so long. Will Ethan find that he values love more than getting the story?


About the Author-
Susan writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense and women's fiction. After spending six years in the corporate world, her true passion wouldn't let go and she's been writing ever since. She lives and laughs in Texas with her husband and son.


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Book Sound Track:
Can you share your idea of the perfect soundtrack to ‘Audrey’s Promise’ with us?

Various songs come to mind for the different chapters. Below is a list of music that I either listened to while writing a particular scene, or fits the tone of the events taking place. It’s fairly eclectic going back and forth from contemporary songs, to instrumentals, and alternative. Try to listen to these as you read it. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1
“Learning to Breathe” by Switchfoot
Chapter 3
“Eyes Open” by Taylor Swift (acoustic)
Chapter 4
“Secrets” by One Republic
Chapter 5
“Where Are You Going” by Dave Matthews Band
Chapter 10
“Be Here Now” by Ray Lamontagne
“You And I” by Lady Gaga
Chapter 13
“This Love” by Craig Armstrong/Elizabeth Fraser
Chapter 15
“Titanium” by Madilyn Baily (acoustic)
Chapter 16
“You” by Switchfoot
Chapter 17
“Any Other Name” by Thomas Newman
Chapter 18
“Perseverance” by Michele McLaughlin
Chapter 20
“Walk Away” by Ben Harper
Chapter 21
“What I Didn’t Know” by Anenaeum
Chapter 24
“Pretty Girl (The Way)” by Sugarcult
Chapter 25
“About Today” by The National
Chapter 27
“The Descent” by Michele McLaughlin
Chapter 28
“Home” by Phillip Phillips
Chapter 29
“Look After You” by The Fray
Chapter 30
“Gravity” by John Mayer
Chapter 32
“Comfortable” by John Mayer
Chapter 34
“No One” by Cold
Chapter 35
“My December” by Linkin Park
Chapter 36
“A Thousand Years” by The Piano Guys
Chapter 37
“Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane
“Say (All I Need)” by One Republic


  1. LOVE that you included a soundtrack. This non-romance reader desperately needs to pick up a copy of this!

  2. I listen to music while I write, and most of the time write down the name with specific scenes if it moves me. There's about 8 of those in there. The rest are what matches with the scene after it was already written. Glad you like it!