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Monday, August 5, 2013

Death Dealer Blog Tour

Title: Death Dealer
Author: Ashley Robertson
Genre: Adult Paranormal
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours


Death: a word Mia Baron was all too familiar with since the murder of her parents when she was a young girl. Her drive for vengeance was the reason she became a Death Dealer—a soul guide through the spirit realm—signing her life away in her own blood. Pain forged a concrete wall around her heart and no one or nothing would ever penetrate it…until she got what she desired most—revenge.

Deacon Gage craves justice for his own horrific tragedy that forced him into the same life Mia chose, with the same promise of vengeance dangling just out of reach. His expert training makes him an Elite—one of the few Death Dealers to ever achieve such a status—and no one can shift his focus from the blood he seeks.

But when the two are partnered for yet another job and a heart-shattering case rips open Mia’s heart, Deacon realizes he’s the only one who can save her…at a price that might be too much to pay: opening his heart to her. The clock is ticking and her life hangs on the balance of whether he can truly let go or will hold onto his desire for blood.

Sneak Peek of Chapter 1:
I reside in sunny Orlando, Florida and love reading and writing about everything urban fantasy and paranormal romance. When I'm not writing you'll find me spending time with family and friends, training in my
home gym, traveling and exploring new places, drinking fine red wines, and making gourmet coffees with my Nespresso machine. Visit my website to learn about my upcoming releases, guest blog posts, and featured giveaways at:

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My Review:
4 Stars

An intriguing story about a girl named Mia. She has given up her life to sign on as a Death Dealer. The reason be hind the choice is what motivates her each day.

A well written short story that will leave you wanting more. Not only is Mia working towards her goal, but she is also developing feelings like she has never felt for her Death Dealer partner Deacon. While their share a bond that all partners share, the feelings that are developing between them are something that neither has felt either before or in a very long time. 

I cannot wait to read more about these two characters. Their chemistry together is both entertaining and evnviable.

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  1. Thanks for the review and for featuring me on your blog. I appreciate you
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