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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dangerous by Suzannah Daniels

Book Info:
Dangerous is a young adult, contemporary romance with no cliffhanger. The follow-up story, Devious (Dangerous #2), is a glimpse into Stone and Dara's senior year and is expected to be released in Summer 2013.

Stone Hamilton had never known fear...until the accident. Since then, his life has spiraled out of control. He's been kicked out of private school, deemed a disappointment by his father, and forced to endure his own guilt, anger, and grief. The last thing he wants is a relationship with someone who will have expectations of him. But once he's enticed by the shimmering-pink lips of the oh-so-popular, academically-excelling, straitlaced hottie from his new school, he knows he's in trouble.

Seventeen-year-old Dara Golding has one goal for the summer: make enough money to buy a car, so that she can drive to school her senior year. After starting a new job, she realizes that she'll be working with the brooding, motorcycle-riding, bad boy who started attending Quail Mountain High last year. With his less than stellar reputation, he's everything she's afraid of...and that makes him dangerous.

Their undeniable attraction has Stone struggling with his inner demons. As Dara slowly allows Stone to claim her heart, a little white lie to cover an ugly truth could determine whether she's his savior or the final straw that will break his sanity.

My Review:
4 Stars
Love is hard to find and may not always be easy to obtain. This story shows that no matter what you back story, social status, or family life love can find a way. 

The story follows Stone and Dara. Stone is a young man from a priviledged life, but has been heading down a dangerous path. He carries a guilt that is slowly destroying him and resentment towards his father that fuels the rage deep inside of him. 

Everything changes the day that Dara starts work in his dad's store. Feelings that he didn't think were possible invade him. Suddenly he has a reason to want to be a better version of himself, but he lacks the confidence in himself to fully let those feelings take hold. 

Dara is a simple, beautiful, and popular girl that is loved by most. She resides with her grandmother and isn't from a wealthy family. Just afer a break up with her football star boyfriend she is trying to find out what she wants out of life. She would never have imagined the feelings she started having when she met Stone. Not being her type in any way she continuously questions herself. 

Suzannah Daniels wrote a great story of love, life, and what it takes to over come the past. The story flows well and the characters have a great chemistry. A love story that feels like real life. 

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